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Although there is no exact definition of what white collar crime is, white collar criminal offenses are generally those accomplished by means of deception as opposed to force. Typical examples of white collar crime include embezzlement, forgery, pyramid schemes, Internet crimes and various types of fraud charges, including securities fraud, tax fraud and health insurance fraud. Other examples of white collar crimes include charges of racketeering, money laundering, and the illegal sale of controlled substances brought against operators of pharmacies and medical facilities. Sometimes allegations involving these facilities have gone beyond white collar crime, and there have even been narcotics trafficking and murder charges brought in connection with operating a medical facility or pharmacy.

Attorneys at Lida Law, PLLC defend individuals charged with white collar criminal offenses in Florida state and federal courts. In addition, our office represents people facing the denial or suspension of a professional license before a professional licensing board because of such charges.

White Collar Crimes Typically Involve Lengthy Criminal Investigations

White collar crimes are often investigated by special units of the police or other government agencies, including the IRS and the FBI. These agencies, police units and prosecutors may spend months or even years building a case and will only issue an indictment or make an arrest once they feel they have collected enough evidence to secure a conviction. You may not be aware that an investigation is ongoing until the police contact you to question you. At this point you could already be the target of the investigation, or the police may not yet have decided whether an indictable offense has been committed. By bringing in experienced criminal defense attorneys at this investigative phase, Lida Law, PLLC may be able to prevent any charges from being filed. If charges will be filed, our attorneys may be able to help in other ways pre-arrest, such as influencing which charges get filed, working out a favorable plea agreement, or arranging how the arrest will be effected.

Be very careful when talking to law enforcement agents, particularly to federal officers. The police are trained experts in getting you to make incriminating or contradictory statements which they can then use against you in court or to pressure you into pleading guilty to some offense. In addition, the federal government has a law making it a crime to lie to a federal officer, and if they manage to get you to make a statement which contradicts something you said earlier, they will use the threat of this charge to force further cooperation from you.

Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers for White Collar Crime in Florida

Attorneys at Lida Law, PLLC are particularly experienced in defending clients charged with white collar criminal offenses in federal court. We have handled cases in the United States District Courts for the Southern and Middle Districts of Florida, as well as in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. If you have been arrested for fraud or some other white collar criminal offense in the Fort Lauderdale or Miami areas, or if you have received a target letter or are under investigation by a law enforcement agency, contact Lida Law, PLLC in Plantation for a no-cost, confidential consultation with an experienced white collar criminal defense attorney.

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