Marijuana – Legal or Not? Well, That Depends

Fox news reported that recently three people were convicted of growing marijuana in a federal drug case that took place in Washington State – where medical and recreational marijuana is legal. While all three defendants were found guilty of growing marijuana, a jury found them not guilty of distributing, conspiring to distribute and firearms charges, which all carried hefty incarceration sentences. In other words, even though state law does not prohibit marijuana, these defendants were charged for violating federal law prohibiting the same. If you or someone you know has been charged with violating state or federal law, contact an experienced and aggressive drug crime defense attorney right away to fight against those accusations.

Florida Flirts With Expanding its Limited Legalization

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Florida’s legislature might address a possible expansion of its recent and very limited medical marijuana law. Presently, the law exempts a limited number of individuals (and their legal representatives) with specific medical conditions from criminal penalties for using and possessing low-THC cannabis that was prescribed by their healthcare providers. Nevertheless, the state has not gone as far as Colorado, Washington and Alaska to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Consequently, strict penalties may be imposed – at the state and federal levels – if you are found using or possessing marijuana and are not part of the state’s limited class.

Common Types of Drug Crimes

Numerous types of offenses, which have to do with various controlled substances, may result in prosecution. Often the penalties and fines depend upon what the substance is and how much is found. Some examples include:

  • Manufacturing, delivery or possession of a controlled substance;
  • Possession with the intent to manufacture, deliver or sell a controlled substance;
  • Trafficking and/or importing of a controlled substance;
  • Sale of a controlled substance; and
  • Fraudulent prescription or possession of a controlled substance.

Penalties and sentencing may be increased based on where and how the drug crime offense is committed, such as if the act occurs near a school or childcare facility or if the controlled substance is sold to a minor. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, “over 1.6 million people are arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated, placed under criminal justice supervision, and/or deported each year” for drug crime offenses. For these reasons, it is important to retain an aggressive and knowledgeable drug crimes defense attorney if you’ve been charged with this type of crime.

Legal Help Is Available

If you or someone you know has been accused of violating a federal or Florida drug crime, contact an experienced and aggressive Florida drug crime defense attorney immediately. A member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Florida criminal defense attorney Carl H. Lida is familiar with the required level of legal analysis needed in a successful defense of a drug crime prosecution. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling (954) 472-5001.

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